hi, i’m excited to collaborate with you!

Dear Ruksi is an online platform that invites you to share your feelings authentically and honestly. In return, I create an illustration to help capture your feelings and share your story.

I ask you to send me one emotion you feel, no matter how complex or intangible. This collaboration is an opportunity for you to share what is real for you right now and for me to transform your words into art. I strongly believe what is most personal is most universal. By participating, together we can:

Share your personal story.
Create a shared experience.
Connect with each other through art.

Name *
Try your best to write about an emotion you've felt and would like illustrated. If you can’t think of an emotion you’re experiencing now, reflect on a time when you’ve felt something powerful in your life before. Maybe an emotion tied to fear, gratitude, regret, success, confusion, anger, friendship, family, etc. 2000 characters max

share what is real for you right now and I will transform your words into an illustration in return.