The Hopeful Widow

πŸ’Œ Dear Ruksi πŸ’Œ
A widow places her deep grief of 2 years to the side in hopes of finding new love. Family and friends are always near yet the lonely void is never filled, after all they were together 20 years. She misses the kisses, cuddles, glances, warmth, and safety of being with her husband. She wants all of that again but deep down knows that it will never be the same, and that the chances of finding love are slim. She is not young, beautiful and vibrant as before. She is tired, cold, and on hold. Will love be so kind to give her another chance? 
The Hopeful Widow

πŸ”Ήobscure emotion: When you are frightened, but hopeful, to follow the tangled string of new love and remedy a grieving heart.

Rukmini Poddar