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Dear Ruksi is the online pseudonym of  Rukmini Poddar. She is an artist, illustrator, designer, online therapist and big smiley face. She currently lives in NYC and works as a designer for The Bhakti Center. When she's not drawing other people's emotions, she spends her time contemplating her own. She even made a book and exhibited all her complex emotions at her first ever art show in August 2017.

Creating the Obscure Emotions & Dear Ruksi project has taught me so much.

I’ve learnt that what is most personal is most universal. I’ve learnt that honesty is always attractive. I learnt to be ok sharing incomplete and imperfect work. I began to believe in quantity over quality and most importantly, I started to understand how interconnected we all are.
— what i learnt & why i do this

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do you call yourself dear Ruksi?

Because it's a cute name and the domain was still available. Also "Ruksi" has been my Pseudonym since I was 11 years old, so I like to continue tradition. It is also reminiscent of other great anonymous advice columnists like Dear Abby, etc. 

2. why are all of your drawings pink?

They aren't pink. They're strawberry red. 

3. what did you do before you started drawing other people's emotions?

I was drawing my own. I drew 100 of them in 100 days in the summer of 2016 and eventually self published them into a book. Later on I exhibited my first art show featuring this series too.

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